Ritinha Store Account

  • What is the Ritinha Store account?
    Your Ritinha Store account allows to keep track of the orders you have made, discounts, your wishlist, etc.
    It is how you can check the current status of your account.
    It also allows you to modify your personal data when and how many times you like as long as you modify them successfully, modify them from your account.
  • How can I create an account or register myself?
    If you are not a Ritinha Store customer yet, or if you are but have never order via our site: click on "Login" which you can find on top right corner of the screen.
    Fill out the form with a valid email address. If you experience any issue, please contact out customer support line.


  • What payment methods does Ritinha Store accept?

    We accept the following methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Multibanco (Portugal only), MBWay, PayPal and gift cards. 

    Choose your payment method when completing your order:

    • Payment with Visa / MasterCard: pay for your order using your card. Choose this form of payment on the "Payment" page. Type your card number, expiration date, and its security code. Afterwards click on "confirm my order" and within seconds, you will receive the confirmation that your payment was successfully made
    • Payment via Multibanco: Pay your order with Multibanco. After confirming your order, you will receive shortly thereafter an SMS and / or email with the payment information. Said information will consist of entity, reference, and amount. The payment can be carried out via a Multibanco ATM or online banking.
    • Payment via paypal: pay your order via PayPal. One of the most widely used payment methods for online purchases. For more information please consult https://www.paypal.com/pt
    • Payment with Ritinha Gift Card: Pay your order using a Git Card that covers the your order's total amount.

    Choose withever payment method suits you. All methods have been tailored for a specific type of client.

  • Why is my credit card being refused?
    Your credit card may be refused due to the following reasons:
    • Your card might be expired. Please check its expiration date.
    • You have surpassed your card's ceiling. Please check with your bank if your card did not exceed your card's limit amount.
    • You have type the information on the card incorrectly. Please check that you have filled all required fields correctly.
  • May I obtain an invoiced address to my company?
    Yes. All you need to do is check the "company" on your profile, and fill out the required fiscal information.
  • Is online payment safe?
    Yes, the data being transmitted online is SSL encrypted. For credit or debit card payments you are required to insert your CVV (Card Verification Value), a code written on the card which acts as a security measure when paying for online purchases. Both Visa and MasterCard have a new security standard: PCI (Payment Card Industry) which protects the user0s card information on web applications. This way, you are twice as protected against online fraud. Using this payment method, you will be forwarded to a secure website,

Products and availability


  • How can I make an order?
    Choose the items you wish to buy, its color and size and add them to your shopping cart. Once you have selected the items you wish to purchase, click on "complete order". Afterwards you only need to follow the indicated steps.
  • Where can I receive my order?
    You will receive your order at the address you have specified (home, work, pickup point ou on our retail store).
  • How is the order processed at our retail store?
    Once you order has arrived, we will send you a text message (SMS). You can pick it up within fifteen days.
  • How do PREDICT and PICKUP shipments work via Chronopost?

    Check here how PREDICT works (1 minute 8 seconds video).

    Check here how PICKUP words (1 minute 26 seconds video).

  • How long will it take for me to receive my order?

    Shipping is a priority to us. You should receive your order within one to two business days (expect territories outside of mainland Portugal).

    For items that await restocking, the estimated delivery time is written on its description. Items that are no longer available will not be sent.

  • How can I check my order status?

    Once you have complete you order online successfully, we will send you and a confirmation email with its respective tracking number. You can follow its progress by clicking on "My account" > "Order status".

  • What are my order's shipping costs?
    Your order's shipping costs varies according to its total weight. Shipping is free for orders that equal or surpass €65.
  • How can I receive my shipment?
    On Pickup Points (faster, cheaper, available seven days per week)
    Select the nearest Pickup Point. We have more than points at your disposal, with many of them available throughout most of the day as they are located within shopping centers.
    Prior to confirming your order: When selecting a shipping method, select "Point Pickup" (faster, cheaper, and available seven days per week) and afterwards insert the requested information. You will be given a tracking number and also updates on your order's current location (PREDICT). The Pickup Point you have chosen can me modified via SMS only prior to your order's arrival.
    Upon arrival: once your order is at the pickup point, you will receive an SMS and an email letting you know that your package is ready for pickup (keep you contact information up to date). If you have not provided your mobile number nor email, you will receive a notification letter at your home. You can pickup your package with your ID card, and you have ten days to retrieve it.
    At home with CTT
    Your order will be delivered to the address we have on our database. If you are not at the provided address during delivery, you will receive a notification letter on your mail to retrieve your package in the CTT shop that covers your area within the following ten days.
  • Can I change the delivery address once I have confirmed my order?
    Yes, once you have completed your order, you will receive an SMS from Chronopost where you are can modify your address and delivery time.
  • How do I track my order?

    With Chronopost you can easily track your order with PREDICT.

    Please find out more on:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McIhq981PmY

  • I did not receive my order. What should I do?
    If you have not received your order, please contact us via phone or email.
    How to order through Ritinha Store:
    1. Visualize  the item(s) that you are interested in. Click on the item to zoom the image and display its description: rear view, layout, available sizes, reference number and price.
    2. Select the item and add it to your shopping cart. Afterwards you can select to continue shopping, or complete your order.
    3. If you wish to complete your order, you will be given the option to register with us.
    4. Select how you would like to receive the item.
    5. Select a payment method.
    6. Confirm your order.
    7. You will receive an email confirming your order shortly thereafter.

General questions